Case Study

Developing a credible first ESG report in an industry under scrutiny

EagleClaw Midstream

Companies in the oil and gas industry are under increasing pressure to communicate clearly and credibly about their ESG strategy and performance and, in particular, how they are addressing climate change. While demand for greater ESG disclosure initially focused primarily on publicly held companies, those expectations are increasingly extending to privately held ones.

Reporting strategy, Materiality analysis, Benchmarking, Report writing, Framework application (GRI, SASB, EIC/GPA Midstream ESG template)

In 2020, EagleClaw Midstream—a privately held midstream energy company in the Permian Basin, and the largest private midstream operator in the Delaware Basin—partnered with BuzzWord to develop the company’s first ESG report. BuzzWord worked with EagleClaw Midstream to identify the company’s most material ESG issues, understand the competitive landscape among peer reporters, and prioritize reporting frameworks it could effectively align with for its first report. We then developed a strong first report that responds to stakeholder information demands and positions EagleClaw Midstream as a leader among its peers.

2020 Environmental, Social and Governance Report
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“Buzzword people deliver not only great writing and content, but their reporting strategy and project management expertise and ability to help a client think through tough obstacles is really valuable.  I’ve worked with the team at Buzzword at two energy companies and the flawlessly have executed in both cases, delivering a quality product that immediately commanded attention.”

Jim Schwartz, Senior Director, Sustainability & Communications at EagleClaw Midstream