Case Study

Keeping Pace with Excellence

NIKE, Inc.

With an extensive history of high-profile reporting, ambitious targets, and programs aimed at elevating social and environmental performance in its supply chain, NIKE’s corporate responsibility reports are often looked to as a model.

Strategy, Reporting

NIKE sought BuzzWord’s help in completing its FY07-09 corporate responsibility report, which won the top North American reporting award. NIKE turned to BuzzWord again to develop the content for its FY10-11 report, which won a top international reporting award, and for its FY12-13 report. Because of the highly varied audiences for NIKE's reporting, the content was delivered through a substantial print/PDF summary report and a highly interactive website aimed at helping consumers and other stakeholders understand NIKE’s corporate responsbility journey, challenges, successes and shortcomings.

External Recognition

NIKE, Inc. Sustainable Business Performance Reports
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Recognition for the Ford reports:

  • Honorable mention for Most Innovative CSR Disclosure Policy, Corporate Secretary Magazine, 2008 Awards
  • Recognized for Relevance and Materiality in CSR reporting, Corporate Register Reporting Awards, 2007
  • 2003/04, top auto sector report and second-best U.S. report, Standard & Poors/UNEP/SustainAbility Global Reporters assessment
  • 2002, North American Sustainability Reporting Commendation, Ceres/ACCA Reporting Awards
  • No. 6. in FORTUNE 50’s Measuring the Transparency of Environmental Sustainability Reporting Through Websites
  • 6 of 6 rating (one of only 5 given), SIRAN S&P 100 Sustainability Report Comparison