Case Study

Communicating Bold Goals While Recognizing Big Challenges

Smithfield Foods

For more than a decade, BuzzWord helped Smithfield Foods stay on the cutting edge of reporting, The company wanted a reporting approach that would communicate its progress and address controversial industry issues. The reports BuzzWord created helped the company build a reputation as one of the most responsible companies in its industry.

Reporting, Strategy, Materiality, Framework (GRI)

Since 2007, BuzzWord has helped Smithfield stay on the cutting edge of reporting. Smithfield issues its report using an innovative corporate responsibility microsite that combines high-level, engaging and interactive sustainability information with more detailed GRI-focused information of importance to the company’s broad range of stakeholders. The 2018 Smithfield report lets users choose their own journey by using a “quick overview” feature or a content guide to build a custom report. BuzzWord has also helped Smithfield evolve its reporting to stay current with the latest GRI standards and conducted regular stakeholder-based materiality assessments to further refine and focus reporting on the company’s most important issues and how it creates value for stakeholders.

Smithfield Foods Reports
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We have worked with BuzzWord for so long now that we consider them an extension of our team. BuzzWord adapts with us and provides insight, expertise and creative approaches to ensure that our reporting stays current, fresh, and engaging.

Stewart Leeth, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Chief Sustainability Officer, Smithfield Foods