Lots of Launches

Latest client reports reflect evolving trends, unique needs
February 17, 2019
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We’ve had a busy season here at BuzzWord and haven’t had a chance to properly celebrate the launch of each project. We’ve done some exciting new projects and have helped long-time clients continue to evolve their disclosures and communications in line with key trends, several of which are discussed in our post of February 17, 2019. Here’s a quick roundup of a few recent launches.

We had the pleasure of working with The Coca-Cola Company to implement a step change in their reporting, combining their former Sustainability Review and Annual Review into a single strategic, substantive, yet concise Business & Sustainability Report that provides insight into progress and performance on key issues including packaging waste, sugar reduction, human rights and sustainable agriculture.

Building on last year’s well-received report, we helped Edison International, the parent company of Southern California Edison, articulate its central role in transforming California’s economy in line with the state’s ambitious climate goals, which include carbon neutrality by 2045. The company’s 2018 Sustainability Report uses images, infographics and narrative to discuss how the company is addressing climate change-driven challenges like wildfires while operating safely and reliably.

BuzzWord has worked with JPMorgan Chase for a number of years, helping the company implement a unique two-pronged approach to tailor its reporting to distinct audiences. JPMorgan Chase’s lively, magazine-style Corporate Responsibility Report focuses on how the company is leveraging its resources to expand economic opportunity in communities around the world, while its ESG Report provides clear, concise information on ESG issues important to its stakeholders.

Smithfield Foods, another long-time client, launched its 2018 Sustainability Report in mid-May. The web-based report lets users choose their own journey by using a “quick overview” feature or a content guide to build a custom report from the comprehensive information included on its material issues. Although not an integrated report (Smithfield Foods is privately held), it has a strong value creation theme.

These are just a few of the projects keeping BuzzWord busy these days. More information on the latest reporting is available on our case studies page.

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