Score! Making the Most of Raters and Rankers

How to navigate the maze and get the most value from your efforts
May 27, 2019
min read
Leah Haygood

Rankings and ratings: Few topics generate as much discussion or angst among sustainability professionals. The ranking and rating landscape remains crowded and confusing, and companies find it challenging to decide where to put their efforts for the greatest benefit with internal and external stakeholders.

Earlier in the year, BuzzWord’s Alison Dimond led a session at the GRI North American Summit called Score! Making the Most of Rankers and Raters. In her presentation, she surveyed the landscape of rankers and raters and outlined ways to prioritize and get the most value from responding to them, providing practical tips along the way. Ali was joined by Eric Fernald, Director of Issuer Relations at Sustainalytics, who discussed Sustainalytics’ approach, and Kristina Kloberdanz, Chief Sustainability Officer at Mastercard, who related her experiences engaging with rankers and raters at two major companies.

We’re pleased to make the presentation available here.

Download PDF (1.08 MB)
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