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American Airlines is committed to continually evolving its sustainability and ESG reporting to keep pace with new and emerging expectations—and since 2019, BuzzWord has been the partner the company has relied on for strategic counsel and content development.

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Reporting strategy

Report writing

Framework application (SASB, TCFD, UNGC)

Materiality analysis


American Airlines 2021 ESG Report Cover Image

American transitioned to a more streamlined 2019-2020 ESG Report, which was aligned for the first time with the SASB standard. The report also serves as a TCFD report and includes a best-in-class discussion of the company’s analysis of climate-related risks and opportunities and other TCFD-recommended disclosures. This report was followed by a shorter performance review for 2020, then a full-length report covering 2021. For the  2022 report, BuzzWord is continuing to expand our support to include rater and framework gap analyses and an updated materiality assessment. 

Working with our design partner, we helped develop the concepts and content for several infographics to convey complex technical information in a clear, accessible, and visually appealing way. The report also includes a comprehensive data appendix.   

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